Information of Interest to Portal IV Residents

Code of Conduct:

The HOA Board and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) are both subject to a Code of Conduct. The ARC has some independent authority and thus is subject to the Code. All other HOA Committees are totally subject to the control of the Board. A copy of the Code is available for viewing on the HOA website. 


Emergency Exit Gate: Aztec Way is a two-way road between Route 87 and Ruin Hill Loop. The gate at Aztec will remain locked unless needed for emergency or special operations. Keys and combinations are maintained by the Sheriff and the Fire Department as well as the HOA Board. In the event of a snowstorm, an emergency such as a landslide that blocks access to roadways, fires that need suppression, police requirements or needed access for contractors, the gate will be opened.


Each of the homes in Portal IV is equipped with a grinder pump, which is used to process and remove sewage from the homes.  A grinder pump is a complicated and expensive piece of equipment that needs to be maintained property.  Please see the separate article on the website for more information regarding grinder pumps and their maintenance. 

HOA Annual Assessments:

The annual assessments are necessary to cover a variety of Association expenses. No money is paid to any Association member for services rendered. That includes Board members and Committee Chairs. The only possible exception would be Association members bidding independently on contracts.

Association money is spent on Administration and support, including legal help, by contract with Planned Development Services (PDS). The investment is very cost-effective.

Association money is spent on clearing (Firewise) and maintaining Association owned property, such as Tract C, the nature preserve.

Association money is spent to eliminate pests (mistletoe and bagworm) from Association property and Association right-of-ways. In the past, Association money has been spent on dealing with the infestation of the bark beetle.

Very little Association money is spent on social events. The social events are important in providing a venue for getting to know our neighbors, to bond and to just have fun.

Very little Association money is spent on landscaping and maintaining our entry way.

Very little Association money is spent on necessary communication to our members. This is possible because we have so many volunteers to help.

By far the largest expenditure involves our roads and associated structures. The Road Committee is responsible for snow removal, road clearing and road cleaning. It is responsible for maintaining our entry and exit gates and associated sensors. It is responsible for our Association signage and road lighting. It is responsible for maintaining our storage shed (Kiosk). It is responsible for road shoulder maintenance which includes weed control. It is responsible for proper drainage and erosion control, which includes cleaning out our ditches and culverts.

Neither the State of Arizona nor Gila County maintains our community roads. Starting at our community entrance, Anasazi Way, all community roads are the responsibility of the Association, including those outside our gates.

The problem with maintaining our roads and cul-de-sacs is that the developer did a very poor job of construction. The problems stem from improper material, improper depth and improper compaction. A legal action against the developer has already been completed and the Association compensated, but we are left to deal with the issue.

The Association commissioned a "Reserve Study" with Reserve Data Analysis (RDA), Inc. in June of 2011. This study recommends maintaining reserves to deal expected future expenditures. The vast majority of our current reserves are allocated to future road maintenance. The study recommends that the Association spend over $100,000 in 2014 on road maintenance. It recommends spending over $ 300,000 in 2019 on road maintenance. This does not cover emergency expenditures that occur due to unexpected problems with road or erosion damage.

The current Association monetary reserve, with anticipated future revenues, will cover the expected expenditures for 2014 and 2019 without raising the annual assessment. However, the reserve WILL NOT cover emergency expenditures, unexpected road damage, landslides, erosion damage or any other unexpected costs.

It is Board policy to keep the Association Assessments as low as possible. The Board is constantly looking at ways we can be more cost-effective without losing our needed services. 

Assessment History:

When the annual dues (assessments) were originally set, the amount was $500. That held through 2005. For the 2005-2006 year, the assessment rose to$525. For the 2006-2007 year, they rose 20% to $630 (10-21-06). In 2007-2008, they rose 5%. In 2008-2009, they rose 20% to $790. (10-18-08).  In 2009-2010, they rose 20% to $948. In 2010-2011, they stayed the same. In 2011-2012, they rose 3% to $976. In 2012-2013, the annual assessments stayed the same. 

Hospital & Clinics:

There is a local health clinic on Hardscrabble in Pine. However, the nearest hospital is in Payson, Arizona. In the event of a serious medical emergency, there is available helicopter transport from Pine to Payson. The helicopter landing pad is located in the parking lot of the Mormon Church located on Route 87, just north of Pine and just south of the Portal IV entry drive, Anasazi Way. 

Kiosk (Storage Shed):

The Kiosk located just inside of the main entry gate, is for two purposes: The first is for storage of Association tools, equipment, etc. The second is for notifications of interest to Association members, including notices for Association Board or Committee meetings. Keys to the Kiosk may be obtained from Board members or Committee Chairs. The Kiosk is another name for Association storage building.

Local Library:

The Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library is located on Randall Place in Pine. For the size of the Pine community, this is a marvelous facility. Your Board recommends you visit and find out the free services available .


Board Meetings.

First Board Meeting: The first Board meeting was held in July, 1998.

Annual Meetings: Each July, the Association holds its annual Board meeting. It is usually held at the Pine Community Center in downtown Pine. These meetings are noticed by PDS and at our Kiosk.

Regular Meetings:  Regular meetings of the Board are held quarterly at the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department Station on Hardscrabble Road in Pine. 

These meetings are noticed by PDS (Planned Development Services), our administrative partners, and at our Kiosk.

Emergency or Special Meetings: Occasionally Board meetings have to be scheduled on short-notice. These meetings are noticed at least 48 hours in advance at the notification board at our Kiosk. 

"Working Session" Meetings: When the Board needs to deal with specific issues, it may schedule a "working session" meeting. Some of this is to eliminate the long and tedious discussions from regular meetings. A working session was scheduled to consider each item and issue for this Policy, Information and Procedures document. Another was scheduled for consideration of revisions of our CC&Rs. Working session meetings are usually held in Board member homes and are noticed at least 48 hours in advance at the Kiosk. 

Monetary Motions: Pursuant to Arizona law, HOA Board members have the right to make monetary motions on subjects that are not included in the meeting agenda.

Committee Meetings:

With the exception of the Road Committee, HOA Committee meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. They are also noticed 48 hours in advance at the Kiosk.

The Road Committee meets every other month in the week preceding the Regular Board Meeting.

All Association members are welcome to attend Association Board or Committee meetings.


An association newsletter contains: new Board policies, planned Portal IV construction, new homes anticipated, party notices , applicable Arizona laws, festivals and events for Pine and Strawberry, items of interest, local news and news of Association members.  

Parties & Events:

Association Parties: The following parties are scheduled by the Portal IV Social & Community Relations Committee.

Memorial Day Party held in the Wolfpaw cul-de-sac.

Labor Day Party held in the Wolfpaw cul-de-sac.

Christmas Party held in a private home or at a local restaurant.

Mini-Cocktail Parties: are held in homeowner's private homes.

Party Notification: Party or event notification may be made by PDS e-blasts, The Portal IV Communications committee or the Newsletter.

Equipment: The Association owns certain equipment which can be borrowed for Portal IV Parties.

(1) Tables and chairs
(2) Canopies
(3) Wine glasses

(4) Paper products
(5) Plastic serving tray for keeping food cold
(6) Coolers
(7) Beverage dispense
(8) Name tags


Pine is an unincorporated community. Police service is provided by the Gila County Sheriff. The nearest Sheriff's Station is in Payson; however there is a regular Deputy Sheriff that lives in Pine. 


One-Way Roads: Most of the 2.8 miles of Association roadways are one-way.

This is due to the width of the roads. All roads inside the entrance and exit gates are one-way.

Two-Way Roads: The roadways outside the entrance and exit gates are two-way to provide access to the old "Sales Office" and the utility properties such as propane storage tanks, sewage treatment and Water Company facilities.

Water Wells:

Water Company Wells: Two wells, one shallow and one deep, provide ample water for our community use now and for any possible future need. 

Private Well: There is a private well located inside the ADOT fence at the north side of the junction of Aztec Lane and Highway 87. It is located just to the right of the exit gate on Aztec Lane. Jim Hill, owner of the well, made an offer on 3-25-06 to provide his water to residents of Portal IV in times of emergency. The well is over 300 feet deep and is documented to produce over 2 million gallons per month.


The Portal IV HOA has a website: Items of interest on the website include: Community documents such as CC&Rs, Bylaws, Board meeting minutes back to inception, budgets, downloadable forms, our newsletter, recent news and announcements, list of Board members, Association officers; Committee Chairs, Committee guidelines, goals, authorities and responsibilities: contact information, Calendar dates for meetings, parties and events; Documents such as Portal IV Road Committee Charter Pol icy and Plans: Architectural Design Guidelines; Board Scorecard of achievements and goals; studies such as the budgetary Reserve Study; technical reports such as Tetra Tech documents on our roads and drainage; Tetra Tech maps: information such as listing of tracts that are part of Portal IV, and more.